Gangster Grandma

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Gangster Grandma
Sara Jean Peavy

(1952-09-10)September 10, 1952
South Carolina
DiedOctober 6, 2020(2020-10-06) (aged 68)
Other namesGangsta Gramma
(died 2003)
ChildrenStevie Lenair Watts
Sabrina Hardee Jordan
ParentPearly Ernestine Smith Jordan
Ella Ernestine Smith Jordan
RelativesPearly Jordan Jr (brother)
Jerry Jordan (brother)
Jo Ann Grimm (sister)
Connie Shelley (sister)
Gail Haselden (sister)
Faye Linker (sister)

Gangster Grandma (born Sara Jean Peavy), was the maternal grandmother of WingsOfRedemption. Grandma made her first appearance in 2013(?), appearing in some of Jordie's vlogs. She quickly became a fan favorite and became known by the affectionate nickname "Gangster Grandma", referencing her rough upbringing in poverty-stricken Conway. Due to Jordie's absent father and young promiscuous mother, it would fall on Grandma's shoulders to raise him. While grandmothers are famous for spoiling their grandchildren, this did not do Wings any favors. When the young Jordan asked for more food to "get stronger", Grandma happily obliged and stocked the fridge until Lil J quickly became Big J. While Wings often spoke highly of his grandmother, several incidents on livestreams would provide a depressing insight into their relationship. During one stream, Grandma brought lunch to his room, prompting Wings to claim that he was "working" and rudely shoo her away. In spite of his claim that he lived with his grandmother to take care of her, these incidents would prove quite the opposite. Despite being 34 years old at this point, Wings was still living the lifestyle of a high school student and Grandma woud handle chores around the house while he played games.

In early 2020, Grandma's health began quickly detiorating, mainly the result of a lifetime of chain smoking. She passed away on October 6th 2020. This spurred an outpouring of support for Wings from both fans and trolls alike. However, this initial positivity was quickly soured two days later when Wings refused to attend her funeral, claiming he was "selfish with death". Instead, Wings chose to stream gameplay on the day of her funeral which received widespread backlash from his community.