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Xbottle is a fat Mexican!

— GulagKingpin

Xbottle shilling for Qmee.
Other namesTummyvoid
Justin Perry
Years active2021 - 2022
Known for• Sexual relations with Wings007

• Painting fingernails black

• Shilling for survey apps that pay 10 cents an hour, "just like that"

• A failed discord troll server

• Having an equally fat & ugly e-GF

• Setting up a PayPal account to 'invest in the discord server'

• Being a paypig

Xbottle01, also known as Justin Perry, was a former WingsOfRedemption highlight channel turned paypig. Emphasis is very much on the 'pig' part as Xbottle would be another addition to the long list of fat retards that felt comfortable showing the internet what they look like.

YouTube channel origins

Much like his family's entry into the states, Xbottle's entry into the YouTube-sphere was unremarkable and just another daily occurrence. Unsurprisingly, Xbottle was yet another low-effort Wings highlight channel to add to the ever-growing list.

Xbottle's consistency for uploads allowed him to gain a significant subscriber base and a small following. This following would congregate in a discord server run by him and Wings007.

Eventually, Xbottle would begin to host livestreams on his highlight channel and the livestreams would generally consist of your run-of-the-mill gameplay commentaries with the occasional sound of a vape pen being toked on.

Bottle has the community in his hands. They don't run shit no more.

— Wings007

Discord server

Shortly after gaining his small YouTube following, Xbottle created a discord server called Banworld, which he eventually co-owned with Wings007. Not much of note occurred in that server other than a couple of failed Lion's Den moments in which Wings would join the server voice chat to feed the trolls.

However, referring to members of Xbottle's server as 'trolls' is a misnomer. Although a number of them likely live under bridges in real life, many of them were in-fact mini-lolcows that were spawned from a congregation of autism. A notable mini-lolcow is PowderedWigLouis who remains active to this day.

The server would be active for over a year, however it was soon to meet its end due to the hubris and lack of intellect of its owner(s).

Face reveal and Downfall of YouTube channel

Xbottle would continue to upload Wings' highlights and host his own livestreams over the course of a year. The livestreams were understandably a lot less popular than his highlight videos, however for his own reasons, Xbottle decided that he would soon purchase a webcam and begin to add a facecam overlay to his livestreams.

Initially, Xbottle would livestream with a facemask on, however it was immediately clear that he was (and still is) an incredibly fat individual. This was almost overshadowed (quite literally) by his head of hair which looked like a wet mop had a head on collision with rot-infested ramen noodles.

Xbottle would not be deterred and in fact, began to reveal more of his physical appearance by proudly displaying his black-painted nails on streams. This was shortly followed-up by a full face reveal only a couple streams later.