Wings vs Syndicate 1v1

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In 2011, WingsOfRedemption Would 1v1 Call of Duty Zombies YouTuber Syndicate in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, as part of the 67th episode of the PKA Podcast. this match came to be after Wings would repeatedly trash talk Syndicate and claim he could be the best Call of Duty Zombies player if he tried, despite never playing it that much. Wings tried to setup the rules for the 1v1 in his favor, as he picked the map Bog to play on and only allowed himself and Syndicate to use the M16. Despite the match leaning into Wing's favor, Syndicate won, some suspected he may have cheated the match after a video from Karl Jobst came out bringing light to his cheated Call of Duty Zombies World Record. After the match, Wings would throw his controller and would also lash out at WoodysGamertag, bringing out the famous quote "Why the fuck you stream that shit?".