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Six70two is an African American moderator for the WingsOfRedemption YouTube channel. He is known in the community for being a big fan of DarkSidePhil, being a paid member on his YouTube channel.

Jeff's facebook profile picture
Jeffrey Johnson Jr

(1991-12-01) December 1, 1991 (age 32)
Sherman Oaks, CA
Other namesnig70two
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

On Stream Appearances

Not the best photo to post when you defend a pedophile

In 2023, Six70two would launch a PlayStation stream of his first Dark Souls 2 playthrough, and Wings would proceed to simply sit there and watch him play the game so he wouldn't have to do anything.


This is his actual aunt

On February 1st 2024, the Conway Whale Watchers decided to do some digging into Six70twos personal life, which led to the discovery of his Facebook profile. The posts on his profile included photos of his cars (Typical nigger cars like Dodge Chargers), his moms grave and a picture of his house. The picture of his house alongside his general location was used to get his address, which was found within no time.